Launch of 11 New Public Schools Announced in the UAE

A recent report by news agency WAM stated that His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Presidential Court, announced the launch of 11 new educational complexes.

According to various local news reports, the schools were opened under the Zayed Educational Complex project, which will, no doubt, boost public education standards across the United Arab Emirates.

The new public school project is among the UAE’s largest educational projects for future generations that aim to develop the country’s infrastructure as per global education standards. 

Photo by Studio Erick Saillet, Lycée Louis Massignon Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates / Segond-Guyon Architectes


His Highness Sheikh Mansour hailed the project as a “new national achievement” during a tour of one of the sites in Fujairah, as reported by local media. 

Interestingly, these new public schools will house green areas beside classrooms. Innovative technology will also be available at these schools, focusing on sustainability. The complexes encompass 920 classrooms, designed to cater to more than 28,000 students, quoted local news reports. 

The same news report by WAM stated that each school is about four times the size of a typical public school, based on capacity.

As the country is all set to host COP28 UAE at Expo City Dubai from 30th November to 12 December 2023 to unite the world on climate change, there have been many significant announcements across various sectors recently. From new public nurseries to new schools, the UAE educational system is becoming increasingly important for all stakeholders. 

Photo by Studio Erick Saillet, Lycée Louis Massignon Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates / Segond-Guyon Architectes


The new schools will feature cutting-edge laboratories and facilities for sports and arts. Each complex will be equivalent to four schools, with some 86 classrooms, which can accommodate over 2,500 students. 

Just a year ago, the UAE announced a rehaul at its Ministry of Education in 2022, and new ministers were chosen to improve education across levels.



September 2023 

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